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The Martyr Memorial Park

Human civilization history is full of revolution and struggle. Alike in other parts of world, in our country Nepal, Martyrs have contributed their life for the sake of people's freedom and prosperity.

Those who invested their life for other's happiness are absolutely great.

The word "Martyr" is respectable in itself. Either Bhakti Thapa who fought against the British feudalism; Dasrath Chand, Dharmabhakta, Gangalal and Sukraraj who fought with Rana family rulings; Ratna Kumar Bantawa, Captain Yagya Bahadur Thapa, Durganand Jha etc. who existed their life on deferent struggle all these are great and respectable for Nepal and Nepalese people. Martyr is a history in itself. Human history will be incomplete without referring the contribution of martyrs. Giving honor to martyrs on just ritual basis could not reflect a true honor to them. Internalization of the martyr's thought and materialization of their dreams into practice is the true way of giving honor to them. This is today's real need. Today, we are confining martyrs on political boundaries that could not be perceived a healthy practice. Martyrs are not anyone's personal / group property. So, their contribution should be evaluated irrespective of group politics viewpoint. Internalizing this truth, Hetauda Municipality has tried to establish a Martyr's memorial park including 12 martyr's statues, which is a new type effort in Nepal. However, this is just a small effort and which is very negligible in comparison to the martyr's contribution.

Background of the Martyr's Memorial Park

The place selected for this park is situated into east-west highway at Hetauda Municipality ward No. 11, 4 km approx. northwest from Hetauda city. Previously, according to religious thought, this area was famous by naming "Punya Kshetra" (Holy Area). Nature and full of natural scenic beauty also bless this area. From the east-west highway, this place is accessible within 5-7 minutes by vehicle and could be there within 10-20 minutes by foot. Nearby the park, an idol of god Laxmi Narayan that is established by Manab Dharma Sewa samittee is famous by name of "Holy Area" which attracts to the religious people. The local people are also using this place as a good picnic spot.

In 2047 BS, naming “Martyr’s Memorial Garden” first started this park. Later, Hetauda Municipality targeted to develop this place as a park and a tourist place as well. Many institutions have contributed to develop infrastructure of this park for which Hetauda Municipality is always obliged. It also expects such cooperation from all in future.

We have tried our best to provide brief introduction of 12 martyrs whose statute is established in park. However, some important information may be missing here. We apologize for the same

The Memorial Monument

The main attraction is the carved monument itself. The rock has 12 faces engraved on its three sides. On the south side are: Bhakti Thapa, Shukra Raj Shastri, Dasharath Chandra, Dharma Bhakta Mathema, and Ganga Lal Shrestha.

On the east are: Bhim Dutt Panta, Biren Rajbanshi, Yagya Bahadur Thapa, Durgananda Jha and Muneshori Yadav.

On the West Side are: Prabhakar Paudel and Ratna Kumar Bantawaa.This engraving of 12 faces in a single rock stands unique in Nepal.

The Fountain Park

Nepal Tobacco Co. has contributed to set up a park with wooden benches surrounding an artificial fountain. One can rest and have a good view of other attractions from this area.

The Tower

A two-tier view tower that gives good view of the monument, mini zoo, temple as well as the industrial district of HID, River Rapti and other scenic surrounding was constructed courtesy of Narayani Transportation Workers Association.

The Temple

Local entrepreneur Ranjendra Singhal has constructed a goddess temple, which now serves in such ceremonies as marriages and rite of passages (Bratavandha), for boys.

The Mini Zoo

To the north of the monument about 10 katthas of land has been acquired to make a mini zoo. At present there are two Chittals (dears), three Ratuamrigas (red dears), one peacock and about 30 rabbits and other birds and animals in open as well as closed encampments.

The Martyr's

The rock was brought from the Local River Saraswati. Three students from Fine Arts Campus (Lalit Kala Campus, Bhotahiti) Govinda Chaudhari, Kamlesh Maharjan and Prithvi Shrestha worked for almost a year to engrave 12 faces to complete the main memorial. The martyrs included are: more...

  • Bhakti Thapa, BS 1802-1872, Deuthal, British
  • Dasharath Chandra, BS 1960-1997, Sobha Bhagwati, Rana
  • Ganga Lal Shrestha, BS 1975-1997, Sobha Bhagwati, Rana
  • Dharma Bhakta Mathema, BS 1965-1997, Siphal, Rana
  • Shukra Raj Shastri, BS 1950-1997, Pachali, Rana
  • Bhim Dutt Panta, BS 1983-2010, Dadeldhura, Transition govt.
  • Durga Nanda Jha, BS 1999-2020, Janakpur, Panchayat
  • Biren Rajbanshi, BS 2001-2029, Sukhani, Panchayat
  • Cpt. Yagya Bahadur Thapa, BS -2035, Okhaldhunga, Panchayat
  • Ratna Kumar Bantawa, BS 2008-2035, Evang, Panchayat
  • Prabhakar Poudel, BS 2021-2036, Hetauda, Panchayat
  • Muneshori Yadav, BS 2001-2046, Yadkuwa, Panchayat

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Human civilization history is full of revolution and struggle. Alike in other parts of world, in our country Nepal, Martyrs have contributed their life for the sake of people's freedom and prosperity.

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